Online quizzes for customer engagement & market research

Quizzes and surveys can help you answer a pressing business question, like...

What do clients really think? Need? Want?

What do they still not know?

How satisfied are my customers?

Which buyer persona do they best fit?

But your quizzes can accomplish so much more than just answer one question.

Fenty Beauty's Foundation Shade Finder helps you decide which product will work best with your skin.

After the quiz, customers can add the suggested products the shopping cart or email their results to themselves.

The quiz also enables Fenty Beauty to gain valuable insights about customer demand.

Helix uses their quiz to help customers find the mattress that's right for their sleep needs.

The quiz answers also reveal which mattresses are in demand, and provide info to tailor sales calls to leads.

The American Red Cross fire safety quiz highlights knowledge gaps and immediately connects people to the relevant resources.

How can you leverage surveys to learn about & engage your customers?

Customer satisfaction survey Contact us form Lead qualifier Job application Tutorial Knowledge test Testimonials and reviews Customer support

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