by morganprovince  • May 6, 2021

Online Quizzes for Customer Engagement and Research


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Are you using quizzes to engage with your customers? If not, is it because:

A. You don’t know what to ask.
B. You don’t know how to build it.
C. You don’t know how to use the data from the answers.
D. All of the above.

As evolved humans, it is guaranteed that there will be a percentage of us who will relish the opportunity to bite on clickbait and take a survey. (“Which Marvel Superhero Are You”, anyone?)

Quizzes are extremely valuable tools for businesses because they provide more feedback than simple advertising or webpage analytics:

  • What do my clients really think about my products?
  • What do my clients still not know that I want them to know?
  • Who are my customers and why are they with me?

Taking things a step further, the beauty of developing online quizzes (like those in Typeform) for your customers is that it plays on a growing trend of engagement via “gamification.”

Big brands have turned to the basics of online surveying to guide their customers towards the products and resources they need. Check out our Web Story to find out which brands are seeing benefits from quizzes, and which quiz-builder we like best at Digital Mark.