by munasaleh  • March 30, 2021

Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees – Use Mind Maps to See the Big Picture

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Do you ever feel like you’ve got so many ideas but can’t decide what you should work on next?

Sometimes when we get bogged down in spreadsheets, long lists and tedious CRM fields, we forget that the world isn’t always “linear.”

Complex relationships exist between the things we are working on, and the things we should be working on. Often we think about our daily mental capacity in terms of hours, but really there’s an even stricter limiting factor on our productivity than time: it’s our limit on how many disparate things we can actually think about in a day.

Mind Maps are useful for helping you zoom out of your localized thinking to make sure you are tilling the right garden to maximize your harvest.

When you are so bogged down in the minutia of your day-to-day emails and tasks and are getting pulled in a million directions at home and at work, Mind Maps can super-charge traditional “lists” because they help you find ways that your thinking — and your efforts — are connected and interrelated.

Transplanting your mind into a “map” is both cathartic and enlightening. You can cover more ground this way. Topics, projects, ideas, goals — what may seem like a big ball of yarn is actually a consolidated you.

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