by morganprovince  • June 21, 2021

5 Steps to Finding Your Super Power with Chris Do of The Futur

At the last stop of the Futur Euro Tour in 2018, The Futur Founder & CEO Chris Do walked participants through five prompts to identify their super powers.

Now you can do it, too. If you feel like you still haven’t tapped into your full career potential, use these five questions to see where your current (and each past) job is lacking.

  1. Skill: What are you good at and what are you trained to do?
  2. Happiness: What do you do for fun when no one is watching?
  3. Opportunity: What social, economical, or political trends or fields are growing right now?
  4. Passion: Which hobbies create an experience that is so immersive and focused that you lose track of time?
  5. Service: How do you improve the human condition?
The Futur - Chris Do - Super Power Worksheet

Your super power will fill all five areas in this table.

If you have opportunity and skills but nothing else, you’ll be rich but bored. If you have skill and happiness but no opportunity, you might be happy but poor. If you have happiness and opportunity but no skill, you simply have a dream.

Watch Chris Do’s video to see how he filled out his chart and other tools he uses to monetize your career super power.

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