by morganprovince  • June 8, 2021

3 Reasons Customers Can’t Find Your Website

Why Customers Can't Find Your Website - Digital Mark

Have you ever wondered, “Why can’t customers find my website?”

Whether your site is brand new or you have been selling on your site for a while, it can be frustrating when you see little to no website visitors. Here are three common reasons customers can’t find your website.

1. Customers Can’t Find Your Website Because Google Can’t Find It

If your website is new, it may not yet be indexed. Essentially, you have not given Google permission to find it.

If your site is connected to Google Analytics (and it should be!), use the Google Console to fix this. (Ahrefs has a great guide on how to do this.)

2. Your Site Isn’t Speaking to Your Audience

Make it as simple as possible for Google to pull up your website for the exact audience who searches for solutions like yours. You know what you do, but is it written in the words your audience uses to search for solutions or products like yours?

Identify those keywords and ensure they are in your page titles, website copy, blog posts, image alt texts and web page URL slugs. Additionally, choose “long-tail” keywords or descriptive phrases, not just general keywords.

For example, if you teach floral design classes, don’t just say “floral design classes” in your website copy; instead, write “floral design for DIY weddings.” Think about what you offer to whom.

3. It’s Not Easy to Get to Your Website From Other Places

People don’t want to search for your stuff. They want to learn more in just one click. If you’ve built a presence on social media, personally and/or professionally, your website URL needs to be easy to find in the bio or About section.

Don’t miss simple opportunities to send your audience to your landing page, site or offer. Keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your marketing plan top of mind as you build your website to optimize Google indexes, keywords and cross-platform website links.